USF Dining Options Project

During graduate school, I had led a team project which the main product was a video advertising that provides information about dining options available at University of South Florida (Tampa campus). It was aiming to create an awareness of the wide variety of foods offering on the campus.

I was a product owner who has a role to communicate and coordinate between users/investors and development team. I had to convey what features users/investors want to have in the product and then talk out with the development team to discuss the feasibility, time constraint, cost, and etc. Negotiation and good decision-making skills were needed.

The framework we used in this project was Scrum process (Agile approach). Also, the platform we used to communicate within team, organize the data and information, and keep track the process was Asana. Below are some image captures of the process.

Collecting product feature ideas from users

Product features categorized by types of users

Asana, the assisting tool in managing the project

Storyboard for the video

Product backlog items

USF Dining Options 3

Project progress burndown chart