Hutchavich Putiprawan


Hi, I am a guy who loves to tell stories through multimedia platforms; film, animation, short, or even advertisement.

As a younger age, I had no interest or any idea about film and multimedia production. It all started when I have come to the US as initially to widen my perspectives and to explore other aspects of the world. Fortuitously, I have discovered my passion and what I am interested in. 

During college, me and my friends always enjoyed watching movies and tv series together. They allowed me to explore the world beyond my own and portray the stories that exceed my imagination and always take my breath away. It made me feeling fulfilled and astounded with enjoyment. It was a feeling that I wanted to pass on to others as well, so it has become my goal to be a part of the production to create and tell  astonishing stories to the audiences.

As the time passed, I have self-studied, gained more knowledge and skills, and accumulated more experience to be ready to jump in the field and to pursue as a career.

Also, with my background in project management, combining with my interest in film and multimedia production, I am certain that I always deliver the best story in every project and be a great asset to the team.